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DogWalking Services

Dog walking is carried out in various public areas including Quantock Hills, open countryside, and local beach walks. We are lucky enough to have great walking areas on the doorstep, Pet Friends also have use of a private secure paddock especially suited for dogs that cannot be let off lead in more public areas due to no recall or behaviourial issues

"Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs."

J.R. Ackerley

One to One Dog Walks: 
Available for those dogs that require all the attention and prefer human company to that of other canines. Limited spaces available before or after the busy peak walking times.  
Group Dog Walks: Up to a maximum of 4 dogs walked to ensure safety and control at all times. Great for dogs that love playing with other dogs of similar temperments and energy levels.
Weekend Treks: We offer a 3 hr excursion on the Quantocks or Beach Walk for those times you want to have a long day out on the weekend without worrying about rushing home for your doggy best friend. Only 4 spaces available at a time so early booking is advisable.
NB: Only available during the Summer.

" A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life."


Bob Barker

Puppy Visits:


Just got a new member of the family? Do you have to leave them alone while you're at work? If they are too young to go out yet we can call in and give them cuddles, games, toilet break and then start them on short walks until they are big enough to join a group walk. 

If there is a service you require that is not listed all you have to do is ask and we will try to accommodate your pets needs.
Tel: 01278 651395/07827019023
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