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About Pet Friends

My Name is Fiona and i have always been around animals of all shapes and sizes growing up on a working farm where my faithful companion was my working Collie who came everywhere with me. I started working with rescue dogs as a teenager at a local rescue centre whilst being actively involved with showing and breeding my Rottweilers and competing in Obedience with my working Collies. I went on to manage a local boarding kennels and cattery which was on a working game farm so i got involved with the training and exercising of working gundogs and it was there that i could see how some dogs found it very hard to cope in a kennel environment and so when i left after a few years I started to go and look after other people's animals in their own homes .


I went on to take courses in Canine Psychology & Behaviour at different levels before starting to work for a Local Authority as a Dog Warden/Animal Welfare Officer for 22 years and during that time completed as many dog teaching courses i could including going back to college to take a course in Animal Management as im a big believer in never having too much knowledge for the animals i care for.


 I have always been actively involved with rescue dogs since a teenager, in particular the rescue & rehabilitation of Rottweilers throughout Somerset, Devon & Cornwall and this was how Pet Friends was started as a way of raising funds to pay vet bills, kennel charges for all the many lovely Rottweilers i have been lucky enough to of worked with over the last 30 years. The service started out just for friends dogs and cats but expanded over the years to cater for the many different pets that needed care ranging from Gerbils, Rabbits,  right up to Goats, Pigs etc.


Thank you for looking at my website and i look forward to meeting all your lovely pet friends.

                        Fiona. x      


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